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Nominate an older person to stay active, busy and connected

The Club is a safe and welcoming place for older people where they can access specially tailored exercise routines 24/7, share hobbies, learn new things and socialise. Along with exercises to help them to stay strong and independent, there’s a book club, bingo, quizzes, healthy eating tips, art classes, mindfulness and more. “This gives me […]

Creating an online community – our impact

How can you possibly create a community or feel a sense of connection when you can only see people online? That’s the question we asked ourselves and felt very dubious about how we could recreate the fun, friendship and social connection of our face-to-face classes when we launched the Move it or Lose it Club. […]

Want to dodge dementia? Join The Club!

By 2025 it is estimated that there will be over 1 million people living with dementia in the UK. Dementia is most commonly known for affecting a person’s memory however it can also lead to many other issues such as: struggles with everyday tasks, mood swings, difficulty communicating, and has even been shown to affect […]

Launch of The Move it or Lose it Club

Why have you set up an online club? We know there’s nothing quite like getting together in person to exercise and socialise. Normally tens of thousands of people would be doing just that all across the UK at our Move it or Lose it classes. With social distancing and restrictions on how many people are […]

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