Free courses to help older people to build digital skills and confidence with Move it or Lose it

We’re delighted to have become an official partner of the Online Centres Network to help tackle digital exclusion by providing people with the skills and confidence they need to access digital technology. This means you’re now able to register for free online courses designed for beginners to improve their digital skills. The courses range from using a keyboard and mouse to understanding more about email, as well as how to be safe online. There are 30 courses in total with no set programme, so you can pick and choose what you’d like to learn more about. Please watch the video below to find out more about our partnership and for instructions on registering for free courses

If you’d like to register for the free courses to improve your skills and confidence, go to https://www.learnmyway.com/user#!/register

Centre ID: 8008418 or type ‘Move it or Lose it’